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Drawing for Children is a drawing application specially designed for children
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Drawing for Children is a drawing application specially designed for children, even for those who still can't read. Colorful icons make children to understand the graphical actions they are representing.

The application includes normal drawing commands as lines, circles, shapes, etc. and many different ways of drawing, so children learn how to use it by playing around with all the pictures and buttons. Also it offers funny add-ons like trees, bubbles, grass, pipes, etc.

Several pens, many special effects, stamps, cliparts, backgrounds will make the program atractive for children to play with all these options and create their own pictures.

"Shift" and "Ctrl" keys being held while drawing something, will make different things happen. The "Alt" key sanps the drawing position to a grid, what is useful for seting things in determinated positions.

Special features such as picture and stamp rotation, background settings, etc. add spectacular effects for children.

It's good to bring children nearer to the computer, keyboard, etc. since the atractive features will make funny for them to play, besides creating pictures that can be saved and reused later on.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very easy to learn and use interface. Good description page: http://drawing.gamemaker.nl/doc/drawing.htm


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